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ESO Tips & Tricks: How To Level Blacksmithing

As one of several professions in The Elder Scrolls Online, Blacksmithing allows players to create heavy armor and different weapon using steel and other materials. 



Blacksmithing Tips


Deconstructing dropped items or those crafted by others is the best way to gain inspiration and level up

Putting points into Metal Extraction will increase your chances to extract special tempers, and is therefore highly advisable

Finding leather may be harder than cloth, as you must defeat enemies for it.

Start with your Research as soon as possible, the best crafted sets require many traits researched per piece.

See the Writs page for details on daily changes to get inspiration experience and special tempers.


To level this useful profession, you need to do better when crafting items in ESO. Increasing inspiration and leveling up are goals of your character as long as you choose Blacksmithing as your profession.


The most efficient way is to mass create the highest level of dagger you can, trade with another crafter doing the same, and deconstruct his. You get a ton of inspiration for deconning other player's creations. Being an Orc helps too. Also, do Writs everyday; they give a good deal of inspiration, and will often reward you with stuff with the trait that gives even more inspiration.


Many times people will sell items that are intricate, this trait increase inspiration earned for deconing by like 200% or something. Usually see them selling for 150-300 gold each on Xbox NA. Any more than that would be overpriced Imo. If you've got gold, buying intricate items is the way to go. Of course, if you need enough eso gold to achieve this goal, come to to buy cheap eso gold.