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The Elder Scrolls Online - Available Horns Of The Reach

DLC Horns of the Reach with two dungeons and update 15 available for PC / Mac


The first DLC of The Elder Scrolls Online has been released since the launch of ESO: Morrowind in June. The DLC Horns of the Reach introduces two new and incredible dungeons: Falkreath Hold and Bloodroot Forge.


In addition to the novelties of Horns of the Reach, we have made a number of improvements to the basic game, available for free to all players, as well as introducing a new PvP mode for Battleground, Chaosball, and a new map, Arcane University.



The DLC Horns of the Reach with two dungeons is available for PC and Mac, free of charge for ESO Plus members or available at the Crown Store for 1,500 Crowns. Improvements to update 15 are free for all players, while additions to the Battleground are free for ESO: Morrowind expansion owners. Both will be released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on August 29th.


DLC Horns of the Reach


Bloodroot Forge and Falkreath Hold, two new and challenging dungeons, see 4-player groups tackling the fearsome hordes of the Dreadhorn Clan. Dungeons contain sets of unique items, monster masks, achievements, and collectable items. For more information about setting, enemies, and rewards, see the articles dedicated to Bloodroot Forge and Falkreath Hold on ESO's site.


Horns of the Reach is also available in a special Collector's Bundle that, in addition to the DLC's content, offers a unique selection of themed items, including the Karthwolf Charger mount, Karthwolf Shepherd pet, and five Crown Experience Scrolls. This exclusive bundle is available in the Crown Store at a cost of 3,500 Crowns for a limited period of time.



Update 15 Details


In addition to Horns of the Reach, ZeniMax Online Studios also released the update 15 for PC and Mac, offering a number of free enhancements for everyone, as well as some important free additions to PvP Battleground mode for all ESO: Morrowind owners.


The novelties of the Battleground include the new Arcane University arena, set in the ruined Cyrodiil University, and the new Chaosball mode, where players need to capture and protect a "ball" to gain points for their team. For more information, see the Battlegrounds preview on the ESO site.


Upgrade 15, free for all players, includes problem solving, game balancing changes, additions, and enhancements. For a complete list of changes, see the preview of the update on the ESO-GOLD site.