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NBA 2K18 Delivers A Phenomenal Experience For Fanatic NBA Fans

For this year's NBA 2K18, it's a phenomenal experience for both casual and avid NBA fans. You will be happy to know that franchise staple game mode MyTeam also returns. This mode is so impressive, you will need to put in serious work to come to grips with the gameplay. NBA 2K18 still delivers wildly when it comes to the ability to just play basketball better than any other title. 



For this game's MyTeam mode, a mix of management sim, collectible card game and actual basketball video game, it is all about trying to build the ultimate team using in-game Virtual Currency (VC) to trade and purchase players, items and boosts through card packs and auction houses. NBA 2K18 MT is main currency in the game. At U4NBA, to make a better shopping experience for our customers, we will try ours best to fulfill your any needs. 


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