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NBA 2K17: VC Glitch After Latest Patch And Cheap MT

Sports Game of the Year


2K Sports has yet again produced the deepest and diverse gaming experience under the sports video game umbrella. There is a mode for almost everyone here and while it doesn't grade out at the top in every category, NBA 2K17's consistency across the board makes it the best sports video game of the year. As the virtual currency of the hottest basketball video game, the value of NBA 2K17 Virtual Currency which also be called VC is self-evident.



VC Glitch After Patch 1.07


Here is a available VC Glitch after patch 1.07, its working as of right now. Surely 2K will release a hotfix for it so you should do it while it still works.


Note: You must be up by 10 or more by halftime & aim to have around a A- to a A+


  • Load up any game
  • Once you come out the locker room for the second half, pause the game, hover over(but do not click YET) to ask out/sim to end(w/VC)
  • Once you are hovered over, click yes, and immediately start mashing the start button
  • If you did this right, it will reload the same menu, and your minutes will have increased. You keep doing it until you get tired of doing it. Typically you will earn a quick 3k-5k before your minutes stop going up.


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